Cleanroom Installation Examples by CleanPro®

Many cleanroom installations work on a turn-key basis. That means the entire process of designing, building, delivering, and installing a cleanroom is executed by a dedicated external team which provides the expertise and experience needed for production-ready delivery. We’ve helped many industrial customers who are not necessarily targeting a specific cleanroom classification, but are simply trying to isolate an operation to keep it cleaner. They have skilled facilities personnel on staff and just need a source for the specialized cleanroom equipment. Here are some best-in-class cleanroom projects, in which the PAC cleanroom division, CleanPro, provided expertise and turnkey execution for design and installation of cleanroom enclosures, furniture, and components.

Full “Turnkey” Cleanroom Design, Delivery, Installation, and Verification

Ground-up cleanroom builds require full consideration of ISO class cleanroom design throughout construction, outfitting, installation and verification. CleanPro’s turn-key cleanroom solution provided a one-stop, one-contact result for the initial delivery and on-site installation of walls, ceiling grids, electrical systems, flooring, filters, HVAC, and more.


Clean-Forward Lab Furniture Project

CleanPro workspace expansions support facility upgrades or retrofitting with full-scale laboratory solutions. Labs require a wide selection of furniture, work surfaces, seating, air filtration, and storage systems for safety, cleanliness, and prevention of ESD events. Industrial workbenches and workstations provide integrated design features such as power bars, application specific surface materials, and custom drawer and cabinet configurations for safe, organized storage. This laboratory enlisted for a complete laboratory outfit, with ergonomic seating and Lista drawer cabinet workstations.

Chemotherapy and CSP Cleanroom Installation

Pharmaceutical compounding cleanrooms provide an essential environment for the processing of sterile and non-sterile drugs. This modular, sterile compounding cleanroom is designed for ISO 797 and ISO 800 compliance, particularly for compounding chemotherapy drugs. Safe handling of sterile compounds requires special considerations: heat-welded floors, anterooms and buffer areas.


Softwall Cleanroom Curtains Installation by CleanPro®

Softwall cleanroom curtains, sometimes referred simply as “plastic strips” yield ISO Class 10,000 level particle control with minimal construction. This customer required a custom softwall installation that integrated into their existing building structure CleanPro to deliver a softwall cleanroom

CleanPro® Stand Alone Hardwall Cleanroom

CleanPro’s modular hardwall cleanroom solutions adapt alongside changing floor and production layouts. Modular wall panels and ceiling grids pre-engineered for the space sped time of delivery by adapting to existing HVAC and electrical systems.

Softwall Cleanroom Equipment Enclosure

Cleanroom machinery enclosures empower production in two ways: by isolating a dirty process from clean surroundings, or by isolating a clean machining process from a dirtier environment. This facility needed to enclose a piece of machinery which shared a warehouse with employees going about daily operations.

Class 10,000 Cleanroom & Gowning Area

A CleanPro ISO Class 8 (Class 10,000) and adjacent gowning area helped this customer prevent outer contamination from entering classified spaces. A gowning area with correctly implemented gowning racks, minimum-movement floor plans, and wipedown friendly furniture provides one of the most economical routes to curbing contamination and establishing clean protocol. CleanPro’s design expertise ensures that each bench, garment rack, and all consumables meet and exceed your requirements for compliance and cleanliness.

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Mitch Walleser

Mitch Walleser

Mitch works with manufacturing engineers and product specialists to examine new technology and products. His background includes 3D printing, electronics and cleanroom manufacturing. Stay up to date with new insights on automated production solutions by following on Twitter. @Go_to_PAC
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