New Tronex Ceramic Tweezers for High Temperature Applications

A new line of specialized tweezers from Tronex is now available at PAC.

The latest, high-precision line from Tronex features three new tweezers styles for specialty applications. Building upon its already extensive catalog, the new offering extends use for repair or manufacturing of tightly spaced components on the production line and underneath the inspection microscope.

Fine, very fine long tips, or extra tapered tips with serrated edge options ensures tactile response in tight spaces. Polished and matte stainless steel properties build upon Tronex’s reputation for using only the highest-grade, imported metals. Manufactured in Switzerland, construction consists of polished high-grade stainless alloy with anti-corrosive and anti-acidic properties. These tweezers are backed by a lifetime warranty.

The ceramic tip tweezers enable temperature resistant use and insulate the passage of heat and electricity, providing ideal use for soldering and electronics repair. Because ceramic is hard but also brittle, the replaceable tips ensure simple repair and continued use for years to come.

The Swiss SA Tweezers and Mini SA Tweezers include both generic handle and tip construction and also specialty curved and blunt tips. SA refers to high alloy “SA” stainless steel.

These tweezers are slightly magnetic, therefore dedicated handing of sensitive electronics would more suited to Tronex’s ESD-safe tweezer line found here.



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