Metro LogoMetro shelving is some of the best wire shelving on market today, its used in many industries and applications including medical, industrial, kitchen, and even residential. Production Automation offers a full line of Metro products, which you can find here.

Choosing the components you need to purchase Metro shelving from Production Automation is a simple process that we’ll go over so you can configure and buy with confidence knowing that you’ll have exactly what you need to create the shelving unit perfect for your application. To get started, simply choose your finish and base style:

Step 1. Choose Finish/Base Style

We offer Metro Products in Chrome, Stainless Steel, Black Finish, and Metro Seal 3 Epoxy. You can read more about the differences between finishes and shelving types here.

Choosing a base type means choosing a starter unit or an add-on unit. The difference is a starter unit is a complete, stand-alone unit that includes four posts. An add-on unit is for expanding on a starter unit, creating more shelving space by attaching to an existing unit. Add-on units include two posts, and then S-Hooks which attach to the starter unit.

Here is what the starting options look like on our website:

For this guide we will choose a chrome wire shelf, in a starter unit, which is the first option in the image above. This leads us to the next step.

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Step 2. Configuring Your Shelving Unit

Now that the finish and type of unit has been selected (in this case, a chrome starter unit) you have the option to select your overall shelf height and the number and type of shelves you require. You can choose from wire or solid shelves and standard split-sleeve attachment or lever release, split sleeve is best for shelves that will not need frequent reconfiguring, whereas lever release is great for ever changing workstations, or frequent moving of the unit. See the image below for what your shelving options look like on our website:


Once you select the desired style and size of your shelves, just type in a shelf quantity (four is the standard) and hit “Add to Cart”! You now have a complete Metro shelving unit that will include everything needed to assemble. In the example above I have chosen a chrome starter unit that will be 63″ tall (based on post selection) and will have 4 (standard option) 21″ x 30″ chrome wire shelves. What would be shipped to me is a complete 21″ x 30″ x 63″ chrome wire shelving unit which will contain:

  • 4 – posts
  • 4 – levelling feet
  • 4 – 21″ x 30″ Wire Shelves
  • 16 – Split Sleeves (4 per shelf)

Assembling your Metro shelving is just as easy, you can read more about the assembly process in a blog post we did here.

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