BodyBilt from ergoGENESIS: Intensive Use & Bariatric Seating

Who needs comfortable, task-driven seating? You do, if you spend most of your working hours seated.

At BodyBilt®, they create and produce customized chairs that are scientifically engineered to better position you in the workplace and home office, minimizing the physical stress that results from limited mobility and repetitive motion. They’ve taken ergonomics “from outer space to the workplace”, as their products are designed to help seated workers mimic the same comfortable, stress-free posture that bodies would naturally assume in a zero-gravity environment. While sitting may be good for business, it’s usually not good for bodies.

Whatever the work environment, every worker who performs most of his or her job tasks in a sitting position is at risk for injury. The U.S. Department of Labor attributes more than 60% of all occupational illnesses to repetitive motion disorders and 40% of recorded worker absences to back injury. BodyBilt® chairs combat the counterproductive effects of long hours seated at work with three integral features:

      1. Modularity: BodyBilt® chairs offer 26 different modular components (6 backs, 7 seats, and 13 different arms) which can be configured to meet individual preferences and specific task needs.
      2. Adjustability: Every BodyBilt® chair utilizes a patented 10 and 12-point Pressure Posture Control™ system to reduce tension in key muscle groups by up to 75% for minimum stress and maximum productivity.
      3. Comfort: BodyBilt’s® modular, adjustable seating ensures a proper fit for every body type, resulting in effective weight distribution and reduced seating pressure.

BodyBilt® also  offers highly ergonomic design with exceptional back support and comfort, adaptable to almost every body type and practically any task. Ideally suited to desktop intensive tasks, BodyBilt® chairs are frequently selected by those in computer0intensive office environments from law firms to banks and from medical offices to manufacturing plants.

Because no two workers and their tasks are the same, BodyBilt® chairs enable complete customization and user control with 26 component options and up to 12 adjustable ergonomic features. Every BodyBilt® chair is delivered with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and the kind of customer support that makes repeat customers and referrals the norm, not the exception.

ergoGENESIS is committed to sustainability. Sustainability refers to conserving an ecological balance by avoiding the depletion of natural resources. The goal at ergoGENESIS is to build their products in the most environmentally friendly way possible. By using foam made from soybeans, upholstering with fabrics that contain recycled material, and by producing renewable products with a longer lifespan, we are able to contribute in a meaningful way to customers and the environment.

Purchasing an ergoGENESIS chair from Production Automation

Production Automation prides itself on having a diverse range of seating options for every environment and task. We chose ergoGENESIS for their Intensive, Big & Tall, and Bariatric seating options.

      • Intensive Use: Intensive Use are designed for users in 24 hour multishift workplaces. These chairs are specifically deisgned wth a steel plate to withstand the rigors of 24/7 application.
      • Big & Tall: The BodyBilt Big & Tall ergonomic chair was designed for you. This chair shapes your body with a contoured high back and a wide ergonomic seat consisting of up to three layers of foam covered with the highest quality leather, or the most ergonomic knit-type fabric.
      • Bariatric: Bariatric chairs are built like the Big & Tall chairs, except that they have a weight capacity of up to 600 lbs.

Because ergoGENESIS is so highly customizable, we have preconfigured 22 different seating options for our website. If there is a feature, fabric, or option you do not see on our site do not hesitate to contact us at 888-903-0333 or at [email protected] and we can help you build the product you want. ergoGENESIS’ entire product line is available to us, but we chose to narrow it down to make ordering clear and simple. As time goes on, PAC will add other aspects of ergoGENESIS’ line, such as chairs devoted to the healthcare industry.

ergoGENESIS is a manufacturer that can truly create ANY custom seating option. no matter what type of challenge an employee might face when choosing an appropriate chair, ergoGENESIS can create a solution. Take the example picture, a company was struggling to find seating for one of their workers, but once they contacted ergoGENESIS, they were able to have a chair custom built for their employees needs. No longer does a special needs employee need to accept “good enough” when it comes to ergonomic comfort and safety. Whether you need a chair built extra large, or extra small, or anything in between ergoGENESIS can provides results.

Shop all ergoGENESIS chairs at Production Automation


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