Waldmann Tevisio LED Magnifier

Introducing the NEW Waldmann Tevisio LED Magnifier

A pioneering combination of efficiency, flexibility, and visual quality, the Tevisio’s sleek , modern design and technical features as an instrument make it an absolute novelty among magnifier luminaries. With its exceptional flexibility through innovative mounting technology as well as high visual quality, it supports even the most demanding visual tasks while being extremely cost-efficient to use.

Efficient LED Technology

Using 48 multichip LEDs, the light engineers at Waldmann have created the ultimate combination of efficiency and light quality. Tevisio delivers 40% energy savings in comparison with conventional magnifier luminaries  with the same high optical performance. At a lighting intensity of up to 6,000 lux, its power comsumption is a mere 14 watts.

High Light Quality

The implemented trademark LEDs have a color temperature of 4,000k. They demonstrate their quality through a high color rendering index of Ra = 90, which offers the best prerequisites for recognizing colors and color differences under the magnifying glass. Moreover, the reflector technology provide a very good light distribution that delivers homogeneous light, with soft transitions and no disturbing shadows, to the work area.

Depending on the requirements, the light can be dimmed down to 10% of maximum strength. The quantity of light can thus be precisely adjusted to the visual task at hand or to individual needs. In addition, the so-called Visualizer-Function permits separate switching of four light segments to three different light scenarios. This brings forth texture-emphasizing effects that make it easy to detect even the tiniest faults, such as cracks or differences in the surface texture. With Tevisio, quality also manifests itself in the long service life of the luminaire: up to 50,000h and more making maintenance unnecessary – since downtime and the resulting costs are completely avoided.

Ergonomic Magnifying Glass

The size of the biconvex magnifying glass – total field of view 153mm – was selected with ergonomic aspects in mind. Both eyes can look through the lens without distortion, which relives them considerably during work. This contributes to the well-being of the employee and thus to better work results. Four separately switchable light segments generate texture emphasizing effects that allow even the smallest details to be recognized.  The 3.5 diopter lens yields an approximately twofold magnification. With the optional 8 diopter add-on lens, a nearly fourfold magnification can be achieved. The new magnifier luminaire from Waldmann is thus suitable for even the finest work.


All in all, the Tevisio is extremely robust. Its high-quality materials and workmanship guarantee a long service life, and even intensive use hardly affects its appearance. The application of a high-quality magnifying glass makes the instrument scratch-resistant and correspondingly long-lasting. Moreover, all visible metal parts are made of anodizing aluminum. The high-performance plastic is used, Grivory® GVX, is a glass fiber-reinforced material and thus also extremely tough – it is even regarded  as a substitute for metal.

Waldmann also places great importance on high quality workmanship. This becomes apparent with the completely enclosed tubing and joints, which were designed for wear-free use up to 20,000 movement cycles. Well thought-out functionality and flexibility. All the cables of the Tevisio are integrated in the mounting arm system and thus protected from damage. The smooth surfaces of the magnifier luminaire allow fast, ergonomic, distortion-free vision at nearly twofold magnification – and easy cleaning.

The design is also very well adapted to workflows. For example, the handle areas are ergonomically shaped. In addition to that, the mounting arm system can be adjusted to virtually any position via the six rotation axes. These can also be locked if necessary. Even the 3D ball joint, made of wear-free, high-performance plastic can be swiveled 90° in all directions. The mounting arm system is available in two different lengths. With the longer version, the sphere of action of the magnifier luminaire is especially large. The flexibility of the instrument makes it quite user-friendly and readily adaptable to different clamping situations and work positions. Another notable detail is the fire protection lid of the magnifying glass, which can be packed away with a single click on the mounting arm system.

With sophistication and flexibility built into Tevisio, it not only offers numerous capabilities, but its handling and operation are simple and intuitive.

Purchasing a Waldmann Tevisio LED Magnifier

You can find all Waldmann Tevisio LED Magnifiers at Production Automation, Simply CLICK HERE to view all options. We can be contacted at 888-903-0333 or [email protected] with any questions.

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