Hakko FM-206 High Performance 3-Port Rework Station

The most versatile and compact system for your soldering, desoldering, and hot air rework needs.

3 stations in one!

FM-206 3-Port Rework Station

The FM-206 rework station’s sleek, compact design minimizes loss of bench space and its powerful ports allow the use of the FM-2029 single hot air handpiece and FM-2030 heavy duty soldering iron, making this the ultimate rework station.

  • Graphic User (LCD) Interface for easy setup and operation
  • 3 simultaneous powered ports
  • Self-contained pump for vacuum and air flow
  • Digital airflow indicator
  • Configurable display in °C or °F
  • Manual or auto modes
  • Low cost composite hot air nozzles
  • Capable of hot air rework of 0201, 01005, and up to 10x10mm QFN’s
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI J-STD-001
  • ESD safe by design
  • Auto shutoff w/ sleep function
  • Passcode protected
  • Security lock to protect against theft/re-location
Auto Power Shut-Off Function
An energy-saving function that is halts power supply to the heater if he tip is not used within the set time.
Sleep Function
A function to extend the life of the tip by reducing its oxidation; the tip temperature drops automatically when a set amount of time has elapsed after placing the handpiece on he iron holder.


FM-2027 Soldering Iron

  • Tips: T15 Series
  • Comprehensive lineup of more than 80 shapes
  • Firmly locking sleeve ensures ease and safety of operation
  • Four different color grips available
  • Green strip standard for North America
FM-2026 N2 Soldering Iron
  • Tips: T17 Series
  • Improved soldering performance due to preheating and antioxidant effect from N2 gas heated inside the soldering tip
  • Addresses problems such as bridging, protrusion icicle, and soldering defects caused by insufficient heat
  • Recommended for lead-free solder
FM-2024 Desoldering Tool
  • Tips: N3 Series
  • Available as pencil or gun type
  • Disposable filter cartridge for easy maintenance
  • Easy-to-operate, light-weight
FM-2022 SMD Hot Tweezers
  • Tips: T16 Series
  • Capable of removing chip components and SOPs up to 25mm wide
  • Features parallel action (one blade moves while the other remains stationary) providing better heat transfer and more secure hold onto the component
FM-2023 SMD Hot Tweezers
  • Tips: T9 Series
  • Capable of removing micro chip components of up to 2mm wide
FM-2029 Hot Air Rework Pencil
  • Tips: N4 Series
  • Ultra-slim for optimal comfort and performance
  • Stop/Start button on handle
  • Removes 10 x 10 mm QFNs easily
  • Quick-change nozzle
FM-2030 Heavy Duty Soldering Iron
  • Tips: T22 Series
  • 2X the power of FM-2027
  • Slender, lightweight, one-piece design
  • 16 different tip shapes available

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