Cramer Ever Chair

Introducing  EVER

The new standard for strength, versatility, and sustainable design.

How do you redefine a category?

By solving a problem that everyone accepted as a given.

Intensive use chairs are thrown out early in their life-cycle because the upholstery fails. Ever’s patented Renewal™ system extends the promise to the durability as well.

Strong. Smart. Sharp.

It’s never just another day at the office for the workers Ever serves. The universal frame, seat pan, armrests, and base are made of die-cast aluminum – durable and designed to perform three shifts a day, seven days a week.

 Easy Rider

No two people are alike, and Ever supports each and every one of them. Our contoured seat and back, available in a range of sizes, provide cushioned comfort morning, noon, and night. An intensive use chair with a smooth, relaxing ride – that’s Ever.

Designed with the Planet in Mind

Environmental responsibility begins with sustainable design – building products that last longer and use fewer resources over time. Ever’s renewal cushion replacement system allows you to remove or replace your worn or outdated cushions and send them back to Cramer for recycling. That’s the Ever green story.

Time is on Your Side

Intensive use seating is an investment, but the entire chair has never truly gone the distance… until Ever. The resilient universal frame, together with the Renewal cushion replacement system, maintains the chair’s total productivity over time, giving Ever a new life…or two…or three.

The Key to Workplace Versatility

Introducing the Renewal™ replacement cushion system. Now you can easily remove and replace the seat cushions, increasing the longevity – and adaptability – of Ever.

Simply remove the cushions with a quarter turn of the Quick Lock Fasteners – two on the seat cushion, and four on the back cushion.

Then put the new cushions in place on the frame and secure the fasteners – it’s that easy.

A new life for your Ever chair is never more than a minute away.

Sit.  Renew. Repeat.

Cramer is putting the environment first by minimizing Ever’s impact on the planet and creating a practical recycling system.

When you replace your Ever cushions using the Renewal replacement cushion system, you can return your worn or outdated cushions to Cramer for recycling.

Those cushions, after a visit to Cramer’s local recycling partner, have a second life in someone’s home or office (i.e., as carpet pad, insulation, or perhaps a punch bowl).

And, of course, the materials that make up Ever’s core – aluminum, plastic, steel – are also recyclable.

Claiming a product is recyclable – that’s easy. Creating a product and recycling process that achieves true sustainability – that’s Ever.

The Frame is the Thing

Ever’s new approach to the seating life cycle requires a firm foundation to succeed, and its distinctive die-cast aluminum frame rises to the challenge.

Paired with the patent-pending Renewal replacement cushion system, it ensures the longevity of the total chair.

That assurance is backed by the most aggressive warranty available in the intensive use market – 15 years, 24/7.

EVER – The best investment in intensive use seating.

Purchasing Ever Seating

Ever Seating can be purchased from production Automation, SHOP HERE.

Not only does PAC sell these chairs, we use them! Our web staff all use Cramer Ever chairs, and can attest to the comfort, durability, and aesthetics.


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