Wearwell Anti-Fatigue Mat Free Shipping Offer

Wearwell mats are the most requested mat line we offer, and it’s no surprise, because Wearwell takes it’s production seriously.

Open up their catalog or visit Production Automation’s website and you’ll see that every Wearwell mat meets a rigorous list of specifications. These specifications aren’t just fluff. They are essential quality standards that Wearwell lives by – so you get what you need and expect each and every time. Off specification mats are rejected and destroyed. You won’t find Wearwell “seconds” floating around the marketplace.

Production Automation is a long-time distributor of Wearwell products, and we can say with confidence that purchasing a Wearwell mat is an excellent decision for the safety and comfort of your employees. We use Wearwell mats in our own warehouse, and recommend  them to our customers regularly.

Because we believe in the products and know our customers will love them once they’ve tried one, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on all Wearwell mat orders over $100 for a limited time only. Simply purchase any Wearwell mats and if your order equals $100 or more, it ships standard ground free to anywhere in the continental United States.

Wearwell has many mat options, so no matter where you need anti-fatigue solutions, whether it be cold or wet environments, or oily slip hazard areas, there is a solution for you. Below are links to the various Wearwell categories at Production Automation, please take a look and take advantage of free shipping, saving now on mats could save you much more in injuries and lost time due to fatigue.

You can always contact Production Automation with any questions you may have, our toll-free phone number is 888-903-0333, or email us at [email protected]
We also offer a quote form, if you require or prefer it, simply click this REQUEST QUOTE link and fill out the information and we will email you a quote quickly.

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