Since 1995, Production Basics has been creating ergonomic workstations and accessories that inspire productivity. Production Basics offers a wide variety of products that are designed to bring efficiency, productivity and professionalism to your manufacturing, material handling, or laboratory environment.

Workstations are not just tables, they are tools for productivity. An organized, ergonomic workspace for your operators means a happier, more focused employee. It means greater job satisfaction and fewer workers’ compensation claims in a great looking facility that operates at peak efficiency.

Production Basics workstations start with smart designs. They combine clean lines and solid components to form sturdy, simple workstations that are built to last.  Using the Basic Bolt, Basic Nut, and allen wrench, you can build your workstation in minutes. You are able to adjust your workstation precisely, rather than incrementally as with slotted units.

It’s time to deliver some inspiration to you. Click on any of the categories below to browse Production Basics workstations, components, and accessories.

Production Basics also allows you to create your own benches. Choose legs, casters, work surfaces, and accessories. Build your bench the way you want it! Perfect for specialized tasks, or for unique employee needs.