MetroMax iQ Storage System

Uniquely Justifiable…

Designed with innovative polymers for longer-life product performance, easy-to-clean surfaces to promote a cleaner environment and higher level of food safety, interchangeable components for maximum flexibility, a truly unique way to improve operational efficiencies, productivity, and ultimately ROI.

Interchangeability: MetroMax i and MetroMax Q, shelves, posts, and most accessories are uniquely interchangeable making the iQ System adaptable to your specific application.

Longer-Life Durability and Performance: Corrosion proof MetroMax i has an innovative polymer design and the performance of stainless steel at half the cost. MetroMax Q has an advanced polymer and epoxy coated design that offers superior performance versus wire shelving. All shelves can be cleaned in a fraction of the time of wire for improved productive and ROI.

Improved Food Safety: iQ System shelves have removable polymer mats that are easily cleaned in sinks or dish machines. Cleaner shelves promote food safety.

Storage Optimization: iQ System accessories contain, compartmentalized, and organize your stored contents to maximize every square inch of storage space. Smooth polymer components protect fragile packaged items.

New MetroMax i

Uniquely Lifelong…

From top to bottom, a premium storage solution that is built to address food service operator needs for a lifetime. MetroMax i offers an innovative, corrosion proof polymer design at half the cost of stainless. Unique performance… shelves combine the strength of steel with efficient, quick-to-clean, lifelong components. Easy-to-clean removable polymer mats and smooth surfaces promote food safety. Open grid mats promote air flow and one-piece solid mats contain spills. Microban antimicrobial protection is built into the mats and all other high contact areas of the shelves and posts to inhibit the growth of microorganisms that cause odors, stains, and product degradation iQ system accessories organize the entire storage area. Lifelong durability, fastest cleaning, and well-organized storage enhance efficiencies and productivity to improve ROI.

New MetroMax Q

Unique Value…

A quantum leap from traditional wire shelving, a value-added storage system that offers superior cleanability and long-lasting performance. MetroMax Q is constructed of durable polymer mats and epoxy coated frames and posts. Easy-to-clean removable shelf mats promote food safety. Unique performance.. shelves easily adjust with the flip of the corner releases to maximize storage efficiency and hold up to 800 lbs.. For greater corrosion protection, a MetroMax Q unit may be configured with the interchangeable MetroMax i polymer posts. For applications requiring solid shelf surfaces, solid overlays are available. Microban antimicrobial product protection is built into the high contact areas of the shelves and posts to inhibit the growth of microorganisms, just like the MetroMax i system is.

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