Ergonomic Solutions Inc.

Introducing the newest product line at Production Automation, Ergonomic Solutions Inc.

ESI Ergonomic Solutions has been providing superior ergonomic accessories at affordable prices since 1988. ESI’s focus is on improving efficiency by adding comfort, flexibility, and mobility to the computer workstation, catering to office, health care, and educational environments. ESI realizes the importance of evolving workplace environments and, in turn, develops custom products and solutions to accommodate such changes.

Production Automation is offering the following products:

3-ESICombo Solutions

Making it easy! Combo Solutions come with an articulating arm, keyboard platform, leatherette-covered gel palm rests, non-slip pads, mouse pads, mouse guards, and a cord management clip.

Everything you need in one part number!

MRFS01-ESIMonitor Arms

ESI Ergonomic Solutions’ easy-glide monitor arm puts your flat screen right where you need it. Whether you have one panel or six, ESI has a space-saving monitor arm for you. Available in Grommet Mount or Desk Clamp.

It’s all about Flexibility!


Protect your CPU from damaging environmental factors. Keep it off the floor and out of the way with one of ESI’s CPU Holders. Choose from the Easy Adjust Model or the Lockable Metal Model. Both have a 17″ Glide Track and can move 360 degrees.

Space Saving Solutions!


Footrests increase comfort and decrease fatigue by redistributing body weight for healthier positioning of spine and legs.

Available in 2 sizes!

View all available ESI Products at Production Automation


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