Easy Braid Stencil Rolls

eb41m1855-2tStencil Rolls

Production Automation is now offering Easy braid Stencil Rolls on our website, they can be found here:

Easy Braid Stencil Rolls at PAC

We are also offering Stencil Wipes from Easy Braid in three sizes: 4″x4″, 9″x9″, and 12″x12″

Easy Braid stencil rolls are designed for use in SMT (surface mount technology) screen printing lines. Rolls designed for SMT printing keep stencil apertures clear of paste residues during the automatic screen printing process. They also clean the bottom of stencils, keeping them free from paste and flux between prints. This is critical in applications that include small component devices with fine lead pitch.

Easy Braid high quality stencil rolls result in less down time, less change-over time, and less inventory. Wiping with high quality rolls prevents smearing, bridging, solder balls, and other problems associated with the stencil printing of solder paste.

Easy Braid stencil rolls are cost-efficient, because the number of spoiled circuit boards is minimized. Their high tear resistance raises mean time between failures and reduces operator intervention, which results in production that is more efficient.

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Mel Meadows

Mel Meadows