Brady Re-Form & Re-Form Plus Sorbants

re-form_rolls-with-dirt-and-sproutIntroducing an Eco-friendly family of high performance sorbant products. 

Green to produce. Green to use.The production process used for Re-Form takes less away from our environment. Re-Form is made from a minimum of 70% recycled newsprint and other cellulose, unlike oil-based polypropylene sorbents. And, the better absorbency of Re-Form means you’ll have less sorbent material to dispose of.

 Better Absorbency.The unique construction of Re-Form offers superior absorbency. In fact, Re-Form sorbents have been tested to be 25-50% more absorbent than oil based polypropylene sorbents, so you’ll use less product to get the job done. Less waste makes this sorbent both green and lean!

Cost Savings.Re-Form will also put some green in your pocket. Re-Form sorbents are less expensive than oil-based polypropylene sorbents. Brady also guarantees stable pricing on Re-Form sorbents because the price of Re-Form sorbents is not impacted by volatile oil prices.

Class A Fire Retardant.You won’t need to sacrifice fire safety when using Re-Form sorbents. Both Re-Form and Re-Form Plus meet NFPA Class A Fire Retardancy.

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