New PS Series Soldering System
The PS Soldering Series features an innovative, compact power supply with a small footprint which is ideal for production environments. OKi Metcal recently released the new PS-900 Soldering System, adding to their already quality line of PS Series Soldering Stations.

The PS-900 is designed to be used with SmartHeat® PowerTips™ Heater Tips and the PS-H3 Soldering Handpiece. Together, they allow operators to produce high quality product quickly, easily and safely.

Power and control to solder demanding loads with consistent results.
The OKi PS-900 Soldering System, powered by SmartHeat® Technology, is part of a new generation of cost-effective soldering systems from OK International. The PS-900 packs power and provides exceptional thermal control into a small benchtop footprint. The PS-900 provides operators the repeatability to produce high quality solder connections with exceptional speed.

PS-900 Soldering System Includes:

  • PS-PW900 – PS-900 Power Supply
  • PS-H3 – PS-900 Soldering Handpiece with Cord
  • WS2 – PS-900 Autosleep Workstand with Sponge
  • AC-CP2 – Tip Cartridge Removal PadOK International Metcal PS-900 Soldering System

    More Applications
    The PS-900 increases productivity by performing a wide range of applications. It is suited for lead-free soldering processes, multilayer boards and thermally demanding components. What’s more, SmartHeat technology enables the PS-900 to solder at lower temperatures, even for such demanding applications as lead-free soldering processes. This means operators are more productive and materials are safe from damaging temperatures.

    Low Operating Costs
    The PS-900 is designed for simplicity and low maintenance. With SmartHeat Technology at its core, it requires no calibration. Moreover, it uses high quality tips that assure low ongoing operating costs. Its low cost makes it the perfect choice for small or large production environments, which need exceptional performance, while being mindful of operating budgets.

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