Weller’s industry leading WD1002 Soldering Station just got better – Introducing the WD1002T. The Weller WD1002T Soldering Station will extend tip life during lead-free applications. Soldering at its best!

Weller WD1002T Digital Silver Series Soldering Station

New from Weller the WD1002T is a microprocessor controlled soldering station which is ideally suited for use in repair and laboratory environments as well as for production, design and R&D applications. The WD1002T is based on Weller’s highly successful WD1002 station. The WD1002T gives users the same extensive functionality of the WD1 control unit and the WP80 iron’s short tip to grip dimensions but, with the added benefits of the new WDH10T safety stand with Stop + Go functionality and integrated WDC2 dry tip cleaner. Temperature offset, temperature set back level and time as well as temperature lockout can all be programmed from the WD1 control unit. Using the WDH10T Stop + Go safety stand in conjunction with the WD1 control unit results in the automatic return of the soldering iron to its set back temperature when it is placed in the safety stand. When the iron is removed from the safety stand it will be automatically reset to its operating temperature. This process will extend the working life of the tip.

A WDC2 dry tip cleaner has been integrated into the WDH10T saving valuable bench space. The use of the dry cleaner reduces surface oxide build up and maintains the thermal efficiency of the soldering tip. This allows the soldering iron to operate at lower temperatures which also increases tip life and reduces operating costs.

WD1002T Soldering Station Includes:

  • WD1M – Power Supply and Power Cable
  • WP80 – 80 Watt Soldering Pencil with Short Tip-to-Grip
  • WDH10T – Stop + Go Stand
  • WDC2 – Dry Cleaner – Fits into WDH10T Stand
  • Instruction Manual and Safety Information
  • Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 5.27″ x 4.25″ x 5.77″
  • Main Voltage: 120 V / 50/60 Hz
  • Power Input: 95 W
  • Temperature Control: 150°F – 850°F (50°C – 450°C)
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±17°F (±9°C)
  • Temperature Stability: ±9°F (±5°C)
  • Leak Resistance of Soldering Tip: < 2 Ω (Tip-to-Ground)
  • Leak Voltage of Soldering Tip: < 2 mV (Tip-to-Ground)
  • ESD Safe – RoHS Compliant
  • Optional Accessories:

  • WSP80 Soldering Pencil & WDH10 Stand
  • MPR80 Soldering Iron & KH25P Stand
  • WMP Micro Soldering Pencil & WDH20 Stand
  • WTA50 Thermal Tweezers & AK51 Stand
  • WHP80 Pre-Heating Plate
  • WSB80 Solder BathFor more information and purchasing details on this and other Weller Soldering products please visit our Weller Soldering page.